Cost of Treatment

To become a patient at our clinic we will need a referral completed by your current psychiatrist and a copy of your last visit clinic notes.  This must be an MD or a DO physician.  We can NOT accept referrals from ANY other mental health care providers incl. MHNP, therapists or psychologists.
We will require that the referral be renewed on a monthly basis by your psychiatrist.
Below is a link to a blank referral form as a PDF.

Psychiatrist / Pain Specialist

If you need a psychiatrist please see the list below.

Portland Area Psychiatrists

Currently ketamine infusion therapy is NOT a covered benefit by any insurance plan since it’s an off-label use of this medication. We can only accept cash or credit cards. We can not accept checks of any kind.


Consult with the doctor recommended $250.


Depression Treatment

Initial six ketamine infusions $3420

Booster infusions $570

All patients will need a single booster infusion every 4 to 6 weeks to keep depression symptoms controlled.


CRPS / RSD Treatment Costs

$2850 per treatment which runs 4-6 hours each.

Most patients will require between 5-10 treatments depending on the amount of improvement observed.  Treatments are done over a 10-15 day block

Ready to be a new patient?

See our forms page by clicking here.

We have chosen to err on the side of safety by using more stringent exclusion guidelines than our purposes require when deemed necessary.  We reserve the right to refuse treatment based on our clinical impression.